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Fire Aftermath at Gloria Dei

Today after my own church service I drove downtown to look at the aftermath of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church fire. Workers were covering the windows.  

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Behemoth building

A huge structure is being built behind the Texas Roadhouse which is near Olive Garden.

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Vet asks for help

I  hope someone tells this man about MacV. Minnesota Association Council for Veterans. (I couldn’t remember the name of the organization when I first  saw this man. If I do see him again I will tell him about MacV.

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View of the Hillside

Notice the crack in the ice. Also notice the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in the foreground. In the early hours of the morning a fire gutted the interior of the building. Several of the stain glass windows were destroyed. You can not tell that in this photo, but my thoughts and prayers were with the […]

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Ice dam on roof

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Globe and Jay Cooke at the Kitch

While in the Kitchi Gammi Club I noticed the the large window that was framing a statue of Rose Garden’s  Jay Cooke statue and the globe in the foreground.

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Ona clear day you can see Wisconsin

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Streetlight and flags

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