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Icicles may look cold, but we actually had one of our warmests days today. ¬†As I post this it is 36 degrees. What causes icicles on a roof?  

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Red door with snow

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Overcast snowy day

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Where in Duluth?

Can you guess where this is? I will give you a hint.It has 8 floors above ground on Superior Street and 9 stories above ground on Michigan Street. The 2nd floor central and right window bays were lost in a renovation of the base, seeking to unite this building with its much taller neighbor. It […]

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Crisp Blue Sky

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Winter Swing

Today was bitter cold, with windchills at about minus 20. I took this photo yesterday as I didn’t venture out today. Today, unlike yesterday, the sky was a crisp, bright blue — might be pretty, but the crisper the sky the colder the air. Days like today make it amazing the we have hot summer […]

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A house divided

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Snowy afternoon

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