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Wet leaves

Many times spring is traditionally thought of as the rainy season, but it seems to me it rains a lot in October.

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Birch bark

I like the texture of the birch bark and the blue sky and yellow leaves in the background. Disclaimer I took this photo on Sunday. It was overcast in Duluth today (Tuesday, Oct. 27)

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Construction cones

I like the  way these yellow leaves frame the traditional orange color of October on these cones in this truck with a green cab. Makes me wonder when construction workers will pick up all the cones that dot every other road and sidewalk in Duluth. I hate to say it but winter is around the […]

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Neighborhood Halloween Decorations

Decorating for Halloween has become quite the thing to do, almost like lighting for Christmas. This house is on N. Oak Bend Road which is considered  Duluth Heights or not  

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Fresh picked

This is such a pretty site among all the asphalt and hustle and bustle of Central Entrance/ Highway 53.  This farmers market is at Central Entrance and Arlington Rd. It is the site of a former BP gas station. Across the street is a brand new Kwik Trip.

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Turret and Tree

A pretty red tree hides what might have been a fancy house in it’s day. This house on First Street and 18th Avenue West in the West End or what is now called Lincoln Park.  

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Windy with whitecaps

The purpose of posting this photo is for you to see the whitecaps. I did take other photos and they may have been more aesthetically pleasing, but some of my fans or viewers don’t live in the city and like to keep posted with Duluth weather. I did notice that the leaves were blowing down […]

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Red door with blue hinges

And orange pumpkins. This is Trinity Lutheran Church on 11th Avenue East and 8th Street

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Sunday morning frost

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Autumn flush

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