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Enger Tower indoors

I “discovered” this pleasant surprise on the seventh floor of the U.S. Bank Building.

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I don’t think we were alone

    As we were walking along the new Coggs Traverse trail on our way to Enger Tower I noticed what looked like deer tracks, then I noticed a large dog paw print and wondered if he could be an animal like a wolf or a bobcat, but I really couldn’t tell. Then we came […]

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A pretty setting to contemplate or medidate: McCabe Renewal Center

The McCabe Renewal Center is in the Hunter’s Park Neighborhood at 2125 Abbotsford Ave. The Center which is part of the Benedictine Center of Spirituality of the Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery   provides spiritual counseling, personal or group offers retreats, workshops, one-time and on-going seminars, meeting spaces for groups or conferences, and a small chapel.  There are overnight accommodations, […]

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A nice way to welcome autumn: gourds and mums

The space in front of Angela’s Bella Flora on First Street near 3rd Avenue West is always decorated with nice floral arrangements. Today it was gourds and mums

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Upper Chester Creek

I was so busy today that I almost didn’t get a photo. It’s getting dark out earlier and earlier. This photo was taken at about 7:30. I was surprised by the rushing water, must be from all the rain we’ve gotten lately.

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Rainy fall day

Today was rainy. The leaves are turning but they seem a little subdued or muted to me.

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Today was the first day of autumn

It was about 70 degrees today, but it felt much warmer. Tomorrow there is a high chance of rain.

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Climbing tree at Hartley Nature Center

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Butterfly garden

Today was a beautiful day with a bright blue sky. Here is a list of plants that will attract butterflies:

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Ducks and ships

Ducks calmly float a few feet from the sand beach at Park Point as a the Bluewing waits outside of Duluth. According to Duluth Shipping News the Bluewing was built in 2002, is 611 feet long and flies the flag of Cyprus. For a fun look at what happened in Duluth on Saturday visit this

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