I don’t think we were alone

2015.09.27 paw1 2015.09.27 paw 2JPG


As we were walking along the new Coggs Traverse trail on our way to Enger Tower I noticed what looked like deer tracks, then I noticed a large dog paw print and wondered if he could be an animal like a wolf or a bobcat, but I really couldn’t tell. Then we came to these prints. And it was hard to say how fresh they were.  There have been lots of sightings of bears in town  this summer, I don’t think I really want to meet one. (Even though I’ve written a story about what to do if you see one.) So, we turned around and went back.



A pretty setting to contemplate or medidate: McCabe Renewal Center

2015.09.27.McCabe outside
McCabe Renewal Center

20015.09.26 McCabe.Breakfast 2015.09.26.McCabe.fireplaceThe McCabe Renewal Center is in the Hunter’s Park Neighborhood at 2125 Abbotsford Ave. The Center which is part of the Benedictine Center of Spirituality of the Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery   provides spiritual counseling, personal or group offers retreats, workshops, one-time and on-going seminars, meeting spaces for groups or conferences, and a small chapel.  There are overnight accommodations, if needed, and a kitchen. The grounds are beautiful in all seasons and offer a small labyrinth for meditation.  Read more http://www.duluthbenedictines.org/mccabe-center