The planters are in full bloom

The flowers in the planters along East Superior Street in downtown Duluth are in full bloom in August.

This skywalk was controversial as it used the airspace of a hotel in front of it.

Behind this planter is a skywalk to goes from a parking garage to St. Mary’s hospital.

The Red Herring

208 E 1st St.
Here is what it says on their Facebook page:

Define the term “arts community.”
Whatever it means to you, whatever you imagine it looks like,
picture The Red Herring in the center of it.
Are there gaps in the scene you would like to see filled?
Let’s fill them.
Are there specific events you’d like to see happen in Duluth?
Let’s make them happen!
The Red Herring Lounge represents an amazing opportunity for the entire arts community.
Who We Are


Along Superior Street, a new CVS is planned. It is in the site of the old Plaza Mall on the 1200 block of East Superior Street. This look like the boxy area that the garbage dumpsters will be stored.