Sun shines on the old county jail

I took this photo because I liked the way the sun was shining on the relief of the this old building, which happens to the the old county jailhouse. The building sat vacant for 20 years. It’s listed on the National Register of Historic and in May a twin cities developer Grant Carlson purchased it. He has talked about remodeling it and somehow making it into into a popular spot.

The following was taken verbatim from the St. Louis County website:

Constructed in 1924, the old St. Louis County Jail is located directly behind, and is considered to be part of,  the Duluth Historic Civic Center District featuring the county courthouse, federal building, and city hall. In 1996 the jail was condemned for prisoner holding by the State of Minnesota, Department of Corrections, and plans for a replacement jail began. The county’s interest in divesting itself of the old jail has been published on over 20 different occasions since 1998, and the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota has listed the building on its nationally publicized “Ten Most Endangered List” three times: in 2004, 2008, and again in 2009.

This exposure resulted in the county showing the property to over 60 individuals and groups, plus responding to more than two dozen telephone inquiries over the last decade.

Sun shines on a the buses on a rainy day

It was late in the afternoon when I realized that I hadn’t taken a photo for DDP yet. I decided that you out-of-towners might be interested in knowing that Saturday was a rainy day. I noticed the hybrid bus and wondered how many of you even knew that Duluth owns two hybrid buses, so there you have it, not exactly a touristy pretty picture, but at least you learned a couple things. (I waited for another regular bus to pull up  beside it so you could see the differences.)

Here is a little more information on hybrid buses taken from the DTA website: Hybrid bus motors act like generators. Through a process called “regenerative braking”, energy created while a bus slows or stops is converted to stored electric energy. Forty percent of the energy to accelerate the bus is actually energy saved during the braking process.

Here is a story form Yahoo news which cites the Budgeteer as its source:

Two Gillig Diesel/Electric Hybrid Join the Fleet


On Friday I noticed this banner on the skywalk over Superior Street between Lake Avenue and First Avenue East. (It’s a private skywalk, I think it is owned by Allete.) Anyway, they must have put this banner up. The photo’s kinda dark, if you can’t read it it says, “Go UMD” and has the Allete logo on either side. Allete is the parent company of Minnesota Power.  On Saturday I read in the Duluth News Tribune that the UMD homecoming parade would travel through downtown Duluth for the first time in 30 or 40  years, so that kinda explains it.

Under the facade of the Scottish Rite is…Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

So, tonight as I was driving down the hill on 2nd Avenue West I looked to my left and thought I could see a red tiled building that I had never seen previously. I had to circle around to see what it was. It looks like the Scottish Rite Clinic, Childhood Language Disorders building has taken off its facade. It’s a building that is only one, or two stories high and takes up much of the lower block of East Second Street between First and Second Avenues. I’m not sure what Harcourt Brace Janavich Publications is. Any of your old-timers know?  I suspect it was a branch office for medical journals.

From a web search on Duluth Business North I see that Duluth native Ron Brochu edited trade journals at Harcourt, Brace Jovanovich,

I found this story in the New York Times:

COMPANY NEWS; Investor to Bid For Harcourt Unit

LEAD: Joel Labovitz, an investor based in Duluth, Minn., said that he expected to bid for the trade publishing operations of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Inc., the publishing giant that is under heavy financial pressures as a result of its costly recapitalization program.

August 26, 1987 Business News


Sinclair Lewis once lived in and owned this mansion on Second Street. This is the side entrance because  supposedly he had the front sidewalk blocked off so that people wouldn’t disturb him when he was writing on the front terrace.