The fog was thick tonight. After I took this photo, I notice that one mad had a huge "Cat-in-the-Hat" hat on, but I couldn't get his photos. In the background is Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.


This rabbit is the same color of most of the vegetation.

My rules for Duluth Daily Photo are no cute puppy or flower closeups, but how about a cute bunny?

My dog loves to watch the rabbits scurry about the neighborhood. We don’t have much foliage yet,  so the brown coloring of the rabbits make it a challenge to see them in the twigs and bushes.


The Minnesota Slip Bridge is the blue bridge. It is a footbridge and it is broken right now. (That's why it is up.) "Bridged" is what the locals say when the Aerial Lift Bridge is up and vehicle traffic is stopped, but I guess the term also applies to traffic on footbridges.

Federal Kumano

Federal Kumano is waiting at anchor. It will probably arrive at the CHS to load grain on May 19, which seems a long time to me. Not sure what they are waiting for, but we get to view this pretty Hong Kong flagged ship for a few days.

2001 656 Hong Kong