Do you see the ship?

I was looking towards the aquarium when I realized I was watching a ship sail through the harbor. It was the Paul Tregurtha. And it was gone, behind the cityscape in an instant. The aquarium is the building to the right with the fish on it. (The aquarium building was designed to blend in, notice that the red on it is the same color as this ship…and many other ships. The building to the left is the Ordean Building. Many non-profit offices are housed in this building.)

Paul Tregurtha

April Showers

This is the first umbrella I’ve seen this year. Umbrellas are interesting and fun to photograph. This woman is walking on Second Street. The building in the background is St. Ann’s Residence.  It is a senior assisted and independence living facility. I have been inside of it several times. It is pretty nice. In the summer time occupants have raised bed gardens in the courtyard.

The first robin I’ve seen this year

First spring robin

When I  left work today it was gently snowing and I saw my first robin of this spring.

The snow continued and in a hour we had at least a couple inches.

Two hours later a winter wonderland surrounded me. I wonder about the poor robin. How will he get enough to eat and where will he sleep?

Sun shines on industry

I wasn’t sure what to take a photo of today for Duluth Daily Photo. I figured you are probably tired of me posting about the snow, so when I looked off to the distance and saw the sun shinning on this elevator on Garfield Avenue, I thought you, my fans, would enjoy seeing that the sun does shine. That’s the High Bridge (Blatnik Bridge) and Superior in the background.

I’ve posted previously that this is the tallest structure in Duluth, that’s what my husband told me (and he gets into a lot of big buildings), but I haven’t be able to verify this fact.

Here are the elevators from a different view.

Ice in the Harbor

The white concrete building on the left is Bayshore Health Center on Canal Park. The dark brick building with red trim behind it is an apartment building. Notice all the birch trees. In the far background is something I didn’t notice when I took the photo. I think it is an ore dock in Superior. (The depth of field is a little unrealistic because it was taken as a telephoto.)