Blue sky over Peace Chruch

This morning the sun was shining and the sky was blue, by afternoon the skies were gray. This is Peace United Church of Christ at 1111 N. 11 Avenue E. In 2010 Peace Church remodeled and enlarged and changed the direction of the sanctuary.

The sculpture on the side of the church was also added in 2010 and was designed by local artist Gail Blum and cast in bronze by Tom Christiansen of Lutsen:

see more at : Peace UCC displays locally designed and created sculpture

Shoveled Sidewalks

We had a lot of snow over the weekend, but once people got their sidewalks and driveways plowed it wasn’t too bad, the temp is actually reasonable. And the snow isn’t blowing around or slushy. It is staying where people put it. We had 6 to 8 inches depending on where in Duluth you are.

This photo was taken on the 300 block of East First Street

This is an interesting blog about weather: Tim’s Weather Blog


While much of the U.S. East Coast is under blizzard conditions, we are getting a blizzard of our own this afternoon.

From Google Public Alerts

Winter Storm Warning in Northeast Minnesota

From the National Weather Service

Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 6 pm CST Monday.

  • Location: northeast Minnesota.
  • Timing: snow will continue to fall across the Northland, including the border region, Arrowhead, Iron Range, down into into the Twin Ports. Snow rates for southern areas will be lighter than what occurred this afternoon, but it will continue to be heavy at times this evening across the far north. Portions of this warning may be cancelled early, as conditions will improve through the day Monday.
  • Snow accumulations: spotters reported from 3 to 8 inches of snow so far across this warning area, with lighter amounts toward International Falls of only an inch. Additional snowfall tonight will range from 1 to 3 inches in the Twin Ports, to 3 to 6 inches across northern Saint Louis, the Arrowhead and border region. In addition to the snow, some freezing drizzle will also be possible, mainly in southern areas.
  • Winds: east to northeast from 15 to 25 mph with gusts of 35 to 40 mph around Lake Superior will cause considerable blowing and drifting into mid evening.
  • Visibility: visibilities In the heaviest snow across the far north will be a quarter mile or less, and drop to three quarters of a mile at times elsewhere.
  • Impacts: travel conditions will be hazardous with snow covered roads and poor visibility. Poor travel conditions could disrupt Work and School commutes Monday morning. The Duluth and Cloquet police departments urge no unnecessary Travel.

Recommended actions

A Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow means heavy snow accumulation is anticipated, and that snowfall rates of one inch per hour or greater can be expected at times. Expect snow covered roads and visibility less than a quarter mile. If you must travel, exercise extreme caution and allow extra time to reach your destination. Let someone know your travel route and expected arrival time and have a working cell phone in case you become stranded. Keep a winter survival kit in your vehicle. Including a flashlight, food, and water. If you choose to travel, be aware that you may become stranded and that it may take many hours for help to arrive.

Primary colors

I was struck be the bright green, red and blue that I saw against the overcast day in a parkinglot in Canal Park.

Oops, green is a secondary color, not a primary color. Anyways, I like the bright colors of the cars in the parking lot and the blue metal on the steam plant.

Primary Colours – These are colours that cannot be created through the mixing of other colours. They are colours in their own right. The three primary colours can be seen below RED – YELLOW – BLUE.
Primary colours can be mixed together to produce SECONDARY COLOURS. The table below shows the combination required to produce secondary colours.

Snow falls on the naked family

Snow falls on the naked family in front of Miller Dwan. The weather was comfortably warm this evening at about 19 degrees…but not warm enough to go naked!

From Emporis Miller Memorial Hospital was started by Andreas Miller a former mayor of Duluth and philanthropist with a mission to treat the region’s poor. The hospital has since been renamed and merged with the St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic Health System in 2001.

Here is a photo I took over two  summers of the same statue.