Primary Election Day

Tuesday was primary election day

This little flag near the side-entrance to the Coppertop Church helps identify the building as a voting site. Tuesday was the primary voting day for Minnesota.  I wore my “I voted” sticker that day.

Duluth has an extremely high rate of voter turn-out. From Wikipedia: Minnesota has consistently high voter turnout; in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, 78.2% of eligible Minnesotans voted – the highest percentage of any U.S. state – versus the national average of 61.7%.[1]

I know Duluth might have the highest of the state, but I’m not finding the research to support that claim right now.

To see photos of the people on this day visit: Minnesota primary

Glensheen Art & Craft Fair

Silk scarf painting by the stone-lined creek at the Glensheen Mansion.

Today was the second day of the Glensheen Art & Craft Fair. I sold a photo of a ship in the March waters of Lake Superior.

I sold a this photo in a frame today at the Create Artisit booth at the Glensheen Art & Craft Fair

Fun Saturday in August

Today I had lots of fun. I took 5 photos over to the Glensheen Art and Craft Festival, I saw some cool stuff, met a friend for coffee and a saw a little doggie riding in a cloth sack on the back of a motorcycle driver who I could not tell whether male of female. BUT!!! the battery on my camera was dead.

Bluesfest was in town too, but we didn’t make it down to Bayfront. 🙁

pothole at Whole Foods Co-op, but don't let this scare you off coming to Duluth. Most of Duluth is ready for tourist and WFC is ready for customers.
View of Duluth Antenna Farm from Skyline Parkway over East Hillside
A woman a the Glensheen Art Festival ordered 2 of these prints from me

This is Chester Terrace in East Hillside and is in the Richardsonian Romanesque style.

Framing a few photos

I will have a few of my photographs framed to sell with my fellow Create Artists at the Glensheen Art Fair this weekend.

From Nestled between a great lake and a majestic mansion, a better location would be hard to find. The region’s finest artists participate in the show named a best bet by the Duluth News Tribune and attended by thousands every year. Price: Free

Check out the CREATE booth featuring 11 area artists. We are across from the huge vegetable garden. The show is free and you can wander the manicured grounds, shop, enjoy the lake, shop and fill your eyes with beautiful art and shop.

The Festival is free. You are encouraged to take the free shuttle bus from UMD’s Maroon Lot B. (Tours will be offered all day for  regular prices.) Tell your friends! Enjoy the show!

Set a spell, enjoy the view of the sailboats

Sailboat watching on a Wednesday night

Tonight my husband and I went to an event and then I drove him back to work. I noticed how beautiful the sun was and parked the car to get a better look at the sailboats. Looks like a lot of other people wanted to park a while and enjoy the view too. Every Wednesday night the Duluth Yacht Club races their sailboats. I’m assuming these people are tourists, but I don’t know that for sure. My husband and I like to play tourists, so these people could be Duluthians, either way they know a good view when these see it.

Sculputures at new Public Safety Building

This sculpture is named “Cooperation, Safety, Honor” and was created by Tom Christiansen. Christiansen has a shop in Lutsen, which is northeast of Duluth along the shore.  Read his blog here: The new public safety building is on Arlington Road near the Chris Jensen Center. The police move from downtown to out here a few months ago. The sheriff’s office and the 911 call center is here too.