Speakeasy at Tycoons

Speakeasy at Tycoons

This is the sub-basement in Tycoons, 123 E. Superior Street. The wall is the original bluestone.

The website www.duluthtycoons.com/ says: Tycoons Alehouse & Eatery—located in the historic city hall of Duluth’s gilded 1890s—proudly pours award-winning Fitger’s Brewhouse Beer from a fully stocked bar. Dine on superb menu standards or delectable chef features with locally sourced ingredients in Duluth’s most-historic building.

Warm summer night at the Aerial Lift Bridge

I was ready to just post “Sorry peeps, no new Duluth Daily Photo today. My day job took all day and half the night, two days in a row.” But then I thought, “Well, I could post a photo someone else took yesterday.”

It's those little moments that keep me going.

Photo by a Milwaukee college student on vacation.

Yes, this is supposed to be “‘Sundog’s’ Duluth Daily Photo.” And let me tell you this little Sundog has been working like a dog the past few days. Once in a while she gets to enjoy herself, like yesterday she decided she needed to get out and take photos of the sail boats at Canal Park.

I once heard of a study on the happiness of parents. Most said their job as parent was really hard and moment-by-moment they really weren’t that happy, but one little “I wuv you mommy,” or “I wuv you Daddy,” make the job as parent worth the dreary moments.

That’s how you might describe my day job. Moment by moment it’s filled with stress and really hard for me, but once in a while a super-bright moment shines through making me feel the hard work is worth the effort.  I guess that’s why my tagline is “Determined as a terrier.”

Book Worms Garden Club

Book Worms Garden Club

This garden is in front of our Duluth Library. In the background you see the Duluth Depot. Duluth has many Garden Clubs. (over 25)  According to the Duluth Garden Flower Society, “These clubs were started by Rebecca Boyington, who started it by holding gardening meetings in her cozy Fon Du Lac home in far western Duluth in 1928.” The website goes on to say: were formed with civic beauty in mind. The clubs often approached the City of Duluth to ask permission to plant flowers in a park or along a roadway. The Society’s newly formed Central Club planted the very first roses at Leif Erikson Park, the precursor to the Leif Erikson Rose Garden. They also held contests in their neighborhoods challenging neighbors to plant more flowers and to make their neighborhood look more beautiful. In less than a decade the Society had a club in almost every Duluth neighborhood. Read more by visiting the website: Duluth Garden Flower Society

Minnesota Flags at half staff in honor of “Minnesota’s Civil War”

Today the flags were at half-staff in honor of  “Minnesota’s Civil War,” sometimes known as the “Great Sioux Uprising.” It is the 150th Anniversary of the U.S. – Dakota War of 1862 in which hundreds of Dakota people, American soldiers and settlers lost there lives. This happened in southwestern Minnesota where my father’s people settled. There are markers at some of the battle sites.

I took this photo at the Minnesota Department of Transportation Building on Rice Lake Road.

After this war 38 Dakota men were hanged at Mankato under orders of Pres. Abraham Lincoln, at the same time Lincoln was working to free slaves.

The Dakota people were starving and many contend that they were treated unfairly and out of desparation attacked.

An Indian Agent Andrew Myrick said to a group of Dakota, who were starving: “Let them eat grass.” That was the last straw.