Canoeing in the Pokegama River

Canoeing in the Pokegama River

The Pokegama River runs through the Superior Municipal Forest and into the St. Louis River, which flows into Lake Superior. It is actually in Superior, not Duluth, but I decided to go with   group to kayak it today.  It is a shallow muddy river.  Even when we were only in  one foot of water it was very muddy. We ran into thunder and rain, you can see rain onto he left of the photo. I also had a few hail drops.

McCarthy Manor

Tucked up on Arlington Avenue and Marble Street is a small assisting living home known as McCarthy Manor. I had never really noticed it before today and becuase of the signs around posting it as “private” and “no trespassing” this was as about as close as I dared to get. When I got home I did an Internet search and found it was a small, family owned facility, priding itself on a low staff turnover rate to give residents a homelike atmosphere.

I don’t know what neighborhood this is considered, possibly Duluth Heights?

The “Town of Duluth”?

Township of Duluth

Yesterday we traveled outside of the City of Duluth to a little place named the “Town of Duluth.” I don’t know what the story is on that. They are served by the Clifton Fire Department, which I’m sure is a volunteer Fired Department. The Town of Duluth building is about 10 miles northeast of Duluth. It about 3 miles away from the shore of Lake Superior.

If you know the story or the history, please place it in the response section.

Two ships on calm waters

This morning two ships were gracefully floating out calm water. I think they are both still out there, waiting for their turns to come in. One is a salty and one is a laker.  Can you tell which is which? This photo was taken above Skyline Parkway. The rectangular building inline with the telephone/electrical poles in the center of the photo is Grant School.