Trunk or treating at the Coppertop

The Coppertop Church held a “trunk or treat” event after services on Sunday. People decorated and filled the backs of their vehicles with treats and costumed children when from vehicle to vehicle. Those who didn’t own a car were provided a table or doubled up with a vehicle owner.

In this photo you can see the huge green triangle roof, which is a landmark for Duluth.

Spring green in late October

I was so surprised to see this “spring green” tree near the end of October that I had to take it’s photo. As you can see the leaves next to it are all crinkled and have turned brown or fallen. I’m not sure why this tree still has the bright green leaves.  This tree is downtown in an alley.

Red carpet at the Kitch

The Ktichi Gammi Club is where the Prominent businessmen met and struck deals. J. P. Morgan being among them. The current club house, built in 1913 was designed by Bertam G. Goodhue. The three and one-half brick and stone building looks like a mansion and is on East Superior Street overlooking Lake Superior. Lavish materials on the inside and outside  including carved stone window and door surrounds and imported woods from England and Australia, give the feeling of “old money” and ” privilege.”

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October elephants

I first posted a photo of this Mansion with the elephants in Aug. of 2010. At that time I wrote:

These elephants welcome visitors to this Congdon home on East Third Street. Elephants are symbols of prosperity, wealth, good luck, strength and power. It also represents perseverance, in that it is an extremely hard working animal. Some worship the elephant so much as to make it their national symbol, such as Thailand. Elephants are also seen as symbols of wisdom and dignity, because of their incredible intelligence and very long life span. In Christian symbolism  the elephant is an icon of temperance, patience, and chastity.

Of course in the United State they are associated with the Republican Party.

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