Common East Hillside scene

This scene shows the life of the East Hillside neighborhood. Here a couple of young women, my guess is they are college students, take a photo of themselves with a cell phone during the holiday break. I’ve noticed quite a few people giving each other hugs this week. Probably people who haven’t seen each other for a while or who will not see each other again for while.  I imagine these two women are walking to someone’s rented house which they share with several other college students. On the porch to the right you can see an old mattress. Unfortunately sights like old mattresses are common in this rental neighborhood. At least this mattress is on the porch and not dumped at the side of the street. In the left part of the photo is Lake Superior. The view and easy access to the Lake is on of the amenities of this neighborhood.

Bentleyville on Christmas Night

Bentleyville on Christmas Night

Tonight I went out again to get a shot of Bentleyville. This time I took my tripod. It was a little cold, but not as bad as last year. Last year it was very, very cold; I think it was about 30 below zero. So I had a hard time even tripping the shutter. Here is a shot I took on January 1.

I could hear the Christmas music from Bentlyville, even though I was far away. That phenomenon is know as the bowl effect. Here is a link to some photos from the Bentleyville website.

Merry Christmas

This is the second year Duluth has had the special lights and displays of Bentelyville at Bayfront Park.

The Tallest Christmas Tree in the United States” the Bentleyville tree will be the premier attraction as people experience the magic of nearly 3 million lights illuminating Bayfront Festival Park from November 20th-December 26th, Sunday-Thursday 5:00-9:00 PM, Friday and Saturday 5:00-10:00 PM. Admission is free.

Fun Facts and Tree Specs:
120 ft. (12 story)
17 Tons of Iron
24 Yards of Concrete
(8) – 36″ Diameter – 9′ holes
50,000 LED Lights

Snowcapped Parking Meters

We had a lot of snow last night and today. Everyone in the household took the bus rather then venture out with the car. It was a snow day for the Duluth Public Schools. Some offices were closed. From Duluth News Tribune: With a foot of new snow already on the ground in parts of the Twin Ports, the National Weather Service in Duluth has extended a winter storm warning until midnight, especially for higher terrain between Duluth and Two Harbors.

Steaming, lighthouse and ducks

A “steaming” lake, a lighthouse and geese. (Dec. 22, I have been informed that they are ducks) To get this steam I had heard that it needs to be about zero degrees, but I don’t think I believe this because it didn’t feel like zero this morning.

And as I write this we have had 2 inches of snow in two hours.  Well, at least it has to warm up to snow. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

25°F | °C
Current: Snow Showers
Wind: E at 14 mph
Humidity: 83%
25°F | 23°F
Snow Showers
34°F | 27°F
Snow Showers
30°F | 16°F
25°F | 16°F

Coppertop Sanctuary

Pietro Bellushi, dean of the School of Architecture at MIT and a world-renowned church architect, was retained to do the conceptual drawing and a local firm the working drawings. The nave of the church rises 88 feet from the floor to the peak.

In the fall of 1966, after the congregation had committed nearly $1.5 million, the cornerstone was laid.