Snow-blinded bear

This bear watches over the neighborhood, but can’t see anything today. More snow is in the forecast with storm warnings until 9 p.m.

Here is the Weather Underground report

Winter Storm Warning in effect until 9 PM CST this evening…
Rest of Today
Breezy…snow. Additional daytime snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches. Total storm accumulation 10 to 14 inches by evening. Highs 22 to 27. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph.

Snow will continue around the Interstate 35 and Highway 53 corridors of northeast Minnesota through the late morning. Within the steady snow…some heavier bands were embedded. Snow rates will generally be around one quarter to one half inch per hour. Winds will continue to pick up and should be sustained at 15 to 25 mph with gusts as high as 35 to 40 mph at times. This may cause blowing and drifting of snow…and reduced visibilities. During the afternoon…the snow will gradually taper off and end from west to east. Despite this trend…and enhanced snow band is likely to set up across parts of Douglas and northern Bayfield counties.

View of the Blatnik or “High” Bridge

Sunday was a deary day. I took this photo after 3 p.m. and it was already starting to get dark. You can see the cars with their lights on.  This is a view of the Blatnik Bridge. People around here call it the High Bridge. It is high enough (120 feet) for a large ship to pass underneath of it and get to the ore docks and granaries. The city of Superior, Wisc. is in the background.

From Wikipedia: It was dedicated on December 2, 1961, but was renamed for Congressman John Blatnik on September 24, 1971, to commemorate Blatnik’s role in making the bridge a reality. The Blatnik Bridge replaced a swinging toll bridge around the same location that carried both automobile and rail traffic.

Wikipedia says it was renamed. Does anyone know what the it was originally named.

Business is booming

The food court is packed the Saturday after Thanksgiving

Business is booming in the Miller Hill Mall.

I do not often get to the mall because I tend to shop at locally-owned stores, hence my blog doesn’t have too many mall photos. Not only that, security doesn’t like it when you take photos in the mall. I guess someday we might want to look at these photos as a document of what was happening in 2010 and this photo does documents a busy food court the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Come see the deer!

Good composition

Seeing a deer in Duluth is not unusual. They can be pests to gardeners or motorists,  Yet, it seems whenever we see deer we have a sense of wonder:  We run and get our housemates and say, “come look!” and the mailman will ask you, “Did you see the deer?” Even dogs stop whatever they are doing to stop and stare.

Some people get tired of them and refer to them as “marauding street gangs.”

So you can help me here by voting for which photo you like best. I am breaking the rules of the City Daily Photo project by posting two photos. That’s because I argue with myself about what is more important, the technical quality of a photo, or the composition. I spent some time on both photos. I never alter anything or “Photoshop” anything in or out of a photo. I do edit by cropping or dodging and burning or sharpening features.

A couple weeks ago I was talking to another photographer who was criticizing a third photographer for having “fuzzy” photos. “His photos aren’t sharp,” is what was said. Well, ever since then I have become self-conscious about the technical side of my photos. Sometimes a person gets a great photo because the light was just right, or the composition was just right, or maybe it was the facial expression, but the technical side isn’t right on. I know all of this, it is just hard for me to know what is the best photo to post sometimes.

So please vote for the profile deer or the deer looking backwards.

(The reason I am conscious of these technical problems are: the photos were taken through a screen…it’s kinda amazing you don’t even see the screen, and it was getting dark.)

Snow-topped Thanksgiving table

Snowtopped table

In Duluth you can bet there will be snow for Thanksgiving. Hopefully you will be inside a nice warm home, with good company and have something better than snow atop your Thanksgiving table.

In Duluth hundreds of people eat Thanksgiving Dinner at the DECC. Duluth Transit Authority  drivers and staff  volunteered their holiday time to assist shuttling dinner guests in Duluth and Superior to the 21th annual free Thanksgiving Day Dinner held at the DECC. All DTA shuttle services to and from the DECC are free and open to the public.

From Fox 21 News

DECC Hosts thousands for Thanksgiving dinner

Organizers expect to see up to 4,200 people for a free turkey dinner buffet from 10:30 a.m.-4 p.m. at the DECC.

The event is set up for the homeless and others who may be lonely.

“[It’s] for college students that have no place to go, for people that may be a widow or widower that have no family in town, to come down and share in this buffet like a family meal together,” said volunteer Patrick Plys.

The meal is put on by the city of Duluth and the College of St. Scholastica.

I’ve gone to the dinner at the DECC a couple times, it was fun. Sometimes there is even singing and acting for entertainment.

I think the weather started out at about 25 degrees in the morning, but by 7 p.m. it had dipped to about 5 degrees. Our little dog didn’t want to wear her coat, so we let her go without. Once she got outside she only walked on the sidewalk were it was shoveled and wanted to come back. She didn’t want to brave the deep unshoveled sidewalks.

Loading up at the DECC & Old tin Duluth ceiling repurposed into a birdhouse roof

Loading up after a hard day of vending

The days are getting shorter. In this photo it is very gray and almost dark. It isn’t even 4 p.m. yet. Here people load up their cars after a hard day of vending their wares at the DECC. I liked the curved lines of the building and also that you could see the exhaust coming out of one of the tailpipes

Bob Mencel with his birdhouses made of repurposed building material

Every year the Junior League of Duluth sponsors a festival as a fundraiser. This man, Bob Mencel from Protor, was one of the popular vendors at the Junior League’s Festival of Trees event at the DECC yesterday and today. The roof of this birdhouse is an old tin ceiling from a building that had been demolished in downtown Duluth. Bob takes old materials like doorknobs, hinges and old headboards and makes something new out it. He had the booth across the aisle from mine. His daughter, Margee Senn, of Superior helped him with the sales.

The Festival of Trees is a two-day event. Over 182 vendors participated in this event