See the colors by train

This train, most likely full of tourists, chugged along through Leif Erikson Park on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Residents all around the Hillside  and out to Lakeside can here the train whistle. It adds charm to the neighborhoods.

This is possibly the Scenic Train Fall Color Tour. The   Superior Trails website says: The last weekend in September and the first weekend in October, the North Shore Scenic Railway and the Lake Superior Railroad Museum sponsor a special color train between Duluth and Two Harbors, Mn.


It seems Duluth is full of skateboaders. I don’t know if it is more fun to skateboard with all our hills or if it is harder. These young men hopped of the bus on East Third Street and headed down Lake Avenue.  Maybe the were going to FOD ~ Freestyle of Duluth, a skateboarding shop, or maybe the were just headed to the downtown. Some people hate the skateboarders. The city council banned them in the touristy areas of Canal Park.  I don’t mind the skateboarders. I think they are kinda fun to watch.

See a May 13, 2009 post from the Duluth News Tribune here: Should skateboarding be banned as a safety threat in Canal Park?