Bob Dylan Way

This is the underbelly of downtown Duluth. It is Michigan Street a.k.a. Bob Dylan Way. The elevated sidewalk provides access to the Lakewalk. It is kinda of a hidden secret to the Peace Garden of Duluth. At least I thought it was called the Peace Garden. I can’t find any links referring to it. The Peace Garden is actually a park on top of the Interstate 35 tunnel through downtown.

Memorial Day flag

Monday was Memorial Day and it was another picture perfect day with temps in the high 70s. I didn’t see many flags flying, but I was working and didn’t get outside too much.

We just had our flag stolen from our front porch for the fifth time [Disclaimer, this is not my house.] What kind of person steals an American flag, a patriotic person or an unpatriotic person?  Do they steal from us because they think we are of a particular political party? One time we were walking the dog and saw our very own flag on someone else’s porch. We knew it was ours because of a special marking we had on the end of the pole.