Trojan horse snowsculpture at 21st Avenue East and Fourth Street

Every year Harry Welty builds a snow sculpture on his front lawn at the corner of 21st Avenue East and Fourth Street.  Twenty-first Avenue East is a main arterial running up the hill. Many people take the 21st Avenue Exit off Interstate 35 when going to UMD (University of Minnesota, Duluth).

Welty has been building snowsculptures in his front year since 1988. To see Harry’s sculptures from previous years visit the website: Snowbizz

Ski Hut at night

The Ski Hut is located on Fourth Street in East Hillside across the street from Portland Square.  Ski Hut is a popular destination shopping spot for people looking for ski supplies and outdoor winter clothing. In the summer time they also sell and repair bikes.  Portland Square is a nice park in East Hillside.
From Seldon Aubut’s History of Duluth: In 1888 the City Council created the first four city parks. Portland Square which was one city block at 10th Avenue East and Fourth Street, Chester Park was 69 acres, Cascade Park on Mesabi Avenue was 49 acres and was originally acquired by the city in 1869, and what was then known as Lincoln Bank which followed the Miller’s Creek in the West End.

Proper function of government

Today I traveled to the capitol in St. Paul.  While leaving the governor’s office and on the way out the of the capitol I noticed this plaque and thought it was appropriate.

The proper function of a government is to make it easy for the people to do good and difficult for them to do evil.

No government is respectable which is not just.