Flowering trees

Many of the flowering trees in Duluth are past their prime. These near Walgreens on Kenwood are beautiful
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While walking this evening I notice a blue jay flying by. It wasn’t easy to capture, while walking a dog. I did manage to snap a photo of it while the bird rested on this metal railing.
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Apple blossoms

This photo was taken last Friday. The blossoms had just popped. in previous years the blossoms popped a couple weeks earlier.
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Come on downtown

Downtown is open.

Construction continues on East Superior Street from Lake Avenue to Third Avenue East. But don’t let that stop you from visiting the cool stores and entertainment venues. Many parking ramps can be accessed on First Street and many are giving one hour free parking. The sidewalks are accessible.

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Ready for Pentecost?

All the dresses are red in the Dannie-Duluth window, so ladies you have no excuse wear red next Sunday.
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Ojibwe art on window

A couple of months ago I took photos of this window from the outside of the Ordean Building. Today I was in the building and this is what it looks like from inside one of the conference rooms. I posted this window from the outside on this on March 17 of this year.
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Raised bed garden

Today I walked by a park with raised beds. It looks like nothing has been planted yet.

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Video of Chester Creek

Chester Creek is flowing quickly.I saw several people walking their dogs. This is by the 9th Street Bridge.

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A walk beside Chester Creek

Today started out aa beautiful day. This evening it got pretty windy. Here is someone walking a dog along Chester Creek. It’s nice to finally get out and not deal with snow.
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Dandelions and shovels

I noticed this whimsical scene in Lincoln Park. It’s fun to finally see some flowers even if they are dandelions, and the shovel behind it just shows that we are slow to put our shovels away in Duluth. (I actually took this photo on Mother’s Day, May 12. And we have had snow since then.
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