Stone birds in Congdon

0626.ddp stone birds congdon .jpg - 1

A whimsical display on a front yard in the 2300 block of Congdon.

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Storm front moving in

0625.ddp storm .jpg - 1

I was trying to get home before the storm hit. I have to use the umbrella from the care to my back door.

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Orange you glad it’s a sunny day?

ddp. 06061 orange shutters.jpg - 1


I liked this orange shutter, door and matching hanging basket of flowers.

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For sale sign among the lupines

ddp. 060619 for sale lupines.jpg - 1I thought the lupin and the for sale sign was kinda interesting.


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Robin and fly

ddp. 060618 Robin and insect.jpg - 1I thought it was interesting to see the big fly walking up the screen and a robin perche on a railing.


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Lilacs still in bloom


DDP.16.06.16 lilac closeup.jpg - 1The lilacs are still in bloom.


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Thick Fog

DDP.16.06.15 fog.jpg - 1Wednesday night the fog was thick way up into Hermantown. Usually the fog hover close to Lake Superior


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Patio weather in Duluth

DDP.16.06.10 patio weather.jpg - 1

The patio at Tavern on the Hill was full tonight. Duluthians sure do celebrate nice weather.

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Peaceful scene by the lake

DDP.16.06.09 chairs and lake.jpg - 1

This is fun place to gather with friends along Lake Superior. This peaceful scene is at ┬áLarsmont Cottages. It’s a few miles north of Duluth.

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The sailboats are back!

DDP.16.06.08 sailboats.jpg - 1

Wednesday nights are the Duluth Yacht Clubs sailboat races.

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