Big rock in Lincoln Park

16.05.15. naomi ddp big rock in Lincoln Park.jpg - 1

A great place to pose for a photo in Lincoln Park.  Lincoln Park (originally named Garfield Park) is one of the oldest of Duluth parks. Straddling Miller Creek and stretching from 3rd Street up to Skyline Parkway, it encompasses some 35 acres. This might be “Elephant Rock”

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Blossoms just begin

16.05.14. ddp blossoms cropped.jpg - 1

This morning we had a light dusting of snow and while walking in the crisp  41 degree air today, I noticed these blossoms on a tree. I’m not sure what kind of blossoms they are, but I’m just waiting for some warm days so they will pop.


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Look who came for lunch

16.05.11. ddp deer.jpg - 1

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Modes of transportation

16.05.10. ddp helicopter.jpg - 1In Duluth we have two hospitals. Both of them have helicopter transportation for airlifts.


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This Eye is Watching You

16 05 09 ddp eye on electrical box .jpg - 1

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Tulips at the Book Worms Garden Club

16 05 07 ddp tulip .jpg - 1

This is next to the downtown Duluth Public Library

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One day it’s winter, the next it’s a dog day of summer

16 05 06 ddp hot day .jpg - 1

The temps got up into the upper 80’s and low 90’s on Friday.

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One day it’s the snow plow, the next the grader

16 05 05 ddp grader .jpg - 1

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Time to switch out the snow tires

16 05 054 ddp tires .jpg - 1

We took the snow tires off our cars on Wednesday, May 4

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Copper theme at Tavern on the Hill

16.05.01 Tavern on the Hill.jpg - 1

I took this photo because I liked the way the copper tubs matched the copper tiles on this restaurant, Tavern on the Hill, but in real life the tub seemed more copper. In the photo it looks gold.  Tavern on the Hill is a relatively new restaurant on Woodland Avenue near UMD.

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