April snow storm

Duluth had a winter snowstorm, some people were without power for weeks.

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Inviting Patio

Today was so nice that a friend and I went walking in Canal Park and the Lakewalk. It was 38 degrees, but the blue skies and the brightly colored chairs at Little Angelo’s look inviting.

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This is the ceiling of the Rotunda University of Minnesota, Duluth library. I like the way the wood frame makes a star. The room has some interesting acoustic challenges.
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Happy Spring!

Photo of rock, evergreens road and snow.
In some cultures in the Northern Hemisphere, the astronomical Vernal equinox (varying between 19 and 21 March) is taken to mark the first day of spring, and the Summer solstice (around 21 June) is taken as the first day of summer. I debated cropping off the bottom part of the photo, but I wanted you to see just how much snow we still have. Can you guess where I took this photo? This is basalt rock. Read about the Duluth Complex here.
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Ojibwe art downtown

This window artwork livens up the Ordean Building on the corner of 5th Avenue West and Superior street. The arts is by Sarah Howes. Click on her name to see more about these windows and find her blog about the importance of Indigenous Art. If you want to see a TV broadcast story, here is the link: Ojibwe Windows at Ordean Building.

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Art Deco Letters

Do you recognize this Art Deco font? It’s in a prominent building downtown.
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Fog and dirty snow

Today the tempature is mild (for us northerners) but the fog can be mystifying. I heard that it was raining in Pike Lake. It’s not raining along Skyline Drive, but the fog is think over the lake. Do you see the clock tower, and the Aerial Lift Bridge? And the smoke stack? The smoke stack is from the steam plant which is used to most of downtown Duluth. This photo was taken from the parking lot of the Coppertop church. I saw many other interesting scenes, but wanted to pull off in a space that was safe.

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Dog window weather

Lately I’ve noticed lots of dogs, sticking their heads out the window. Even though we have a couple of feet of snow on the ground, people think spring is in the air.

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Jazz at the Depot

Fun setting to hear jazz music on a winter afternoon.  Jazz trackside at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum.
One of the many amenities of living in Duluth, Minnesota. (Though we are plunging into the deep freeze again. It’s already below zero as I post this. While I was at this event it was about 15 above.
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Ice Anchor

This sculpted ice anchor is in the front entrance to Barker’s Island Inn in Superior Wi.
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