Black and White, no people, no explanation challenge

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Duluth’ Newest Dog Park


We took our dog to this dog park at 3567 Riley Road, near the Jean Duluth soccer fields. The area is fenced 3½-acres. There were 11 dogs and 16 people when we were there.

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0903.ddp.bad ass - 1

Pride Fest filled Bayfront Park today. It started on Thursday evening and continues through Sunday, Sept 4. This is the 30th year.

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Mushroom or Fungus?


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50 Years on the Skyline

0831.ddp 50 years on the Skyline - 10831.ddp Cindy torch - 1

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0821. DDP Bridged - 1

When you are on your way to or from Park Point and you have to stop for the Aerial Lift Bridge go up to let a ship through you are “bridged.” This man was walking amongst bridged cars on Park Point.

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August is too early

0820. DDP colored leaves - 1

This hot weather has been beastly, but I’m  not ready for our leaves to turn colors in anticipation for autumn

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0819. DDP Zuccone - 1


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Green Chester Bowl

0818. DDP Chester Bowl - 1

Today was very hot and muggy. I walked with friends at Chester Bowl. Do you see the ski lift to the right? It blends right in with all the grass and trees. It was so hot that we were dripping sweat at 10 a.m. We have had a lot of rain, You can see how lush everything is.

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A Tall Ship Arrives

0817. DDP tall ships - 1

My friend and I sat on a bench along the Lakewalk when we noticed this Tall Ship.

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